Lowy lives in a really low resolution castle, he is here and there is no escape, his only hope is to collect coins and pay for a way out.

Enjoy a never ending game, start an adventure time, find more coins on each game and practice to beat your own record. Dicover new sections, character and enemies, and discover the secret among the Lowy's quest.

There are 10 levels and more are on the way!

  • Compete with your own time on each level (soon with your facebook friends!)
  • Buy new levels and sections, and of course your way out.
  • Fight with monsters in the castle.
  • Use your double jump ability to reach new places.
  • Fire: ctrl
  • Jump: space bar or Up arrow
  • Move arrows or ASWD

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you get trapped in the second area because you spent the 100 coins, but the effect does not last. Please fix in future update. Not hate comment, just feedback.